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Azucar! Litter


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Scroll down for "The Google Photo Button" for more pictures of parents and puppies (when born) 

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May 4, 2024 at 7:37:30 PM

We decided to name this litter "AZUCAR!" in honor to Celia Cruz, a cuban that became an iconic figure representing latin music. In a career that spanned six decades, Celia became the “Queen of Salsa,” and was central to the genre’s rising popularity. She recorded 188 songs, received 23 gold records and won three Grammy Awards and four Latin Grammy Awards. She found community with multiple Latin American and American artists. She also starred in multiple films, was awarded a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame and was granted the American National Medal of Arts by President Bill Clinton in 1994. Learn more about Celia Cruz


This breeding took place via artificial insemination (surgically) using frozen semen. 

Both, black spotted and liver spotted, puppies might be produced, as the both parents are carriers of one copy of the liver gene.

If interested, please fill out the Puppy Questionnarie in order to be considered to adopt one of these puppies.


Litter Information:

Date of Birth: 02/22/2024

AKC Reg. #: NP896586

Litter Size & Details:

Litter of 9, 5 males (2 livers, one deceased) & 4 females (all black spotted), HUA.


Sire of the litter "Paxton"


Dam of the litter "Bulova"

Bulova Our Lady Million De Kassafina


Price and Agreement:

$2200 for all puppies sold as Pet/Companions - (Limited Registration/No Breeding Rights)

$2500 for all puppies sold as Show/Breeding Prospects. - ONLY AVAILABLE TO APPROVED HOMES, Full registration is only available at the Breeder's discretion.

Purchase Price is divided in 2 payments, Deposit of $250 due at the time is selected and the final payment of the balance is due on the day of pick up. 

Download PDF • 204KB

*All puppies sold as pet/companion will be subject to a spay/neuter and bring back agreement.

Download PDF • 1.41MB

*All puppies sold as Show/Breeding prospects are subject to a co-ownership agreement. The Co-ownership agreement can be find under the section: "File Share"

*What comes with your puppy?*

Your puppy will have AKC Registration prepaid and completed by the breeder after the puppy goes home.

Microchipped with lifetime subscription prepaid, enrollment also completed by breeder. 

First set of vaccinations and a Florida Health Certificate.

BAER (hearing) test report.

Puppy Starter Package that contains Blanket, Toy, Leash and Collar, Food, treats/chews, waste bags, training pads etc. (subject to availability) 

Choosing a Puppy:

When the new puppies are  5-6  weeks of age or older, and only after DNA (if applicable) and Hearing tests are completed, you will be invited to visit our kennel home to meet them and choose the one to be become part of your family. 

While we prefer every prospect puppy owner to personally meet the puppies before choosing and making a commitment, in the given case you are unable to visit, we will provide you with as much information as we are able to (weight and size, pictures, videos etc) in order to help you choose. 

There is not an specific order to choose the pups. Based on our evaluation of each, we will do our best to give each Puppy Parent as many options as possible, taking into account each person/family's preferences (Color, Gender, Size) and lifestyle. 

Once you have chosen your puppy, you are welcome to visit, as many times as you wish, to personally follow up on your little one's development. 

At 4 weeks of age, we should be able to identify the pups that are deaf bilaterally. However, unilateral deafness (Only an ear good) can only be determined at the BAER test, which will be scheduled any time between the 6th to 8th weeks of age. In the given case that your chosen puppy happens to be affected and  you decide against keeping it, your deposit shall be refunded immediately. 


We, as The Breeders, reserve the right to have the first pick of any litter.

Breeders and Co-breeders may set aside/hold longer one or more puppies for further evaluation to determine potential.

Delivery and Pick Up

Based on our past personal experiences, we do not use outside transportation companies to deliver puppies. All puppies must be picked up in person OR arrangements can be made for us to personally take the puppy to you, for an additional fee, which will include transportation and lodging expenses as applicable. This service is subject to our availability and is ONLY available to the new puppy owners that live out of state. 


Linebreeding statistics for Hypomating:

8-Generation Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI): 1.4719%

Number of unique ancestors in 9 generations (478 / 1023) = 46.73%

Number of unique ancestors in generation 9 (299 / 512) = 58.40%

Bulova_paxtonPedigree Online _ Dog Pedigree Database
Download PDF • 115KB

Click on file to view full report.


Dewclaws Removing: 02/25/2024 - Inhouse - Learn more about Dewclaws (Completed)

1st Deworming: 03/07/2024 - Inhouse (Completed)

2nd Deworming: 03/21/2024 - Inhouse (Completed)

3rd Deworming: 04/04/2024 - Inhouse (Completed)

4th Deworming: 04/18/2024 - Inhouse

First Vet Appointment: 04/18/2024 @ 2pm at Dunnellon Animal Hospital

Microchipping: 03/28/2024 - Inhouse (Completed)

BAER Test (Hearing): 04/09/2024 @ 10am at UF Small Animal Hospital (Completed)

Final Vet Appointment: 04/18/2024 at Dunnellon Animal Hospital

Go Home Day: Any day on or after 04/19/2024

Photos and Videos

We will regularly upload pictures and videos to a Google Album (Link bellow)

Download the Google Photos App on your mobile device and subscribe/join the album in order to receive automatic notifications every time new photos and videos are uploaded. 

Meet The Puppies

(F) stands for female, (M) stands for Male

HUU stands for Hyperuricosuria 

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Training and Information


I will be responsible for my dog’s health needs. These include:

Routine veterinary care including check-ups and vaccines

Adequate nutrition through proper diet; clean water at all times

Daily exercise and regular bathing and grooming

I will be responsible for my dog’s safety.

I will properly control my dog by providing fencing where appropriate, not letting my dog run loose, and using a leash in public.

I will ensure that my dog has some form of identification when appropriate (which may include collar tags, tattoos, or microchip ID).

I will provide adequate supervision when my dog and children are together.

I will not allow my dog to infringe on the rights of others.
I will not allow my dog to run loose in the neighborhood.
I will not allow my dog to be a nuisance to others by barking while in the yard, in a hotel room, etc.
I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in all public areas such as on the grounds of hotels, on sidewalks, parks, etc.
I will pick up and properly dispose of my dog’s waste in wilderness areas, on hiking trails, campgrounds and in off-leash parks.

I will be responsible for my dog’s quality of life.
I understand that basic training is beneficial to all dogs.

I will give my dog attention and playtime.

I understand that owning a dog is a commitment in time and caring.

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