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Boarding Service

Our Boarding Service is only available to Dalmatians. 

*Since your dog will be sharing the space with our own Dalmatians, please note that Capacity is very limited*

We are very privileged to share our home with our own Dalmatians.  They have brought so much joy to our lives and so we are now totally committed to this wonderful breed. 

In addition to our Dalmatian Breeding and Rescue Programs, we have decided to put to work our knowledge of the breed by offering Boarding Services to other Dalmatians. 

Exceptional Care: 

Because of our familiarity with the  Dalmatian's behavior, health/dietary needs and energy levels, we are able to provide them with an appropriate care, focused on their unique needs and characteristics. In addition, we are certified in CPR and First Aid for an extra peace of mind.

We aim to make boarding fun by minimizing the stress and anxiety while still providing them a proper and consistent care during their stay. 


$30.00/per day plus applicable sales taxes.

Holiday Rate is $40.00/per day plus applicable sales taxes.

Boarding Fee for the Dalmatians bred by us is $20/per day plus applicable sales taxes, excluding holidays.

It is highly recommended that the pet owner provides the food their dogs are on to avoid changes in the diet and upset stomachs. In the given case that the food is not provided, or not enough for the length of the stay an additional charge of $5.00/per day will be added. The Fur-guest will be fed the same formula our Dalmatians are on: (Purina ONE Smartblend Salmon Skin and Coat) 

Minimum Stay:

3 Days. 


Have a proper fitting collar with name tag.

Have proof of vaccinations and be current: Bordatella, Distemper, Parco, Canine Influenza Virus, Leptospirosis and Rabies. The vaccination record must show your veterinarian name and contact information for verification if needed. 

Be UTD on Fleas/Ticks and Heartworms/Intestinal parasites prevention - Proof of last purchase required.

Females in Heat Season won't be accepted.


Step#1 - Register Your Pet 

If your are a returning Client, skip to Step#2

Step#2 - Request a Schedule 

Our capacity is limited and subject to availability.

Step#3 - Estimate Acceptance 

Once your schedule is accepted and confirmed, an estimate for Boarding Services will be electronically sent. This estimate must be accepted by the Pet Owner at least 24h prior the commencement of the stay. 

Step#4 - Payment

Invoice for Boarding Services will be electronically sent, before the end of stay and due prior Pick Up. In order to release your dog, payment in full is required.  

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