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At Opalonyx Dalmatians we believe that every dog deserves to have a loving, forever home, including the breeding stock. 

 A Guardian Home is a permanent home for one of our breeding males or females.

Becoming a Guardian Home gives you the opportunity to have one of our top notch, puppies as a family pet while he or she remains in our program for at least 1 litter or up to the age of 4 for females & up to the age of 6 for males. 

Opalonyx Dalmatians will retain ALL breeding rights (or AKC full registration) We reserve the right to cancel our guardianship program at any time if we deem it necessary and in the given case that the dog is not being taken care of in humane manner or the guardian is not holding up to his end of the agreement. Once retired, he/she will be neutered/spayed (out of our pocket), at which point the AKC registration would be transferred to the Guardian’s name

As a Guardian Home you will be required to pay for the everyday expenses of owning a dog including annual exams, vaccines, food, etc. We will pay for all breeding/showing related costs including health testing and certifications


Becoming a Guardian Home is not for everyone. You MUST be willing and able to follow these requirements:

Have previous experience with dogs.

Be willing to teach basic commands such as sit, stay, lay-down, no, and leave it.

Be willing to socialize the dog. This is very important!

He/She must be an indoor pet and never left unattended outside.

Feed a premium, quality food.

All other dogs in the home MUST be fixed if they are the opposite sex.

Provide regular exercise.

Willing to let us, the breeder, visit your home.

Contact Breeder immediately in the event of a serious illness or accident.

Send a copy of vet visits to Breeder, if requested.

Must not be allow he/she to mate with any unapproved dogs.

Provide veterinary care when needed.

If you are a guardian for a female dog, you must be willing to drop her off or let her be picked up for 1-2 weeks while she is been bred. Then drop her back off/or let her be picked up 1 week prior to her whelping date. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned.

If you are a guardian for a male dog, you must be willing to drop him off/picked up for 3-5 days for breedings unless arrangements are made ahead of time for us to pick him up. Sometimes we are able to come to you for a breeding so you must be able to meet with us.

Be willing to let the dog be boarded for a short period of time, usually 2 weeks, to receive professional training from a trainer of the breeder’s choice.

Be able to communicate with us, the breeder, about scheduling testing, mating, whelping, and anything else breeding related.

The guardian, is welcome to participate and involve him/herself with the dog in sports or conformation event should feel up for it, but is not a requirement. 

If interested, please send me an email explaining your experience with Dalmatians or dogs in general and why are you interested in this option. 

Price for Guardianship:

$2200 plus applicable Sale Taxes 

Refunds and Compensations to Guardian:

For Females - Breeder will pay the Guardian the Pet-Puppy Price (or a puppy in lieu of payment, at the guardian's choice) for each successful litter (minimum litter size of 5 puppies).

For Males - Breeder will pay the Guardian the Pet-Puppy Price (or a puppy in lieu of payment, at the guardian's choice) for the first successful breeding (minimum litter size of 5 puppies) and $500 for each additional natural breeding or sperm collection. 

Dogs placed in guardian homes will have a price - It is not a "Free Dog". You'll be providing a forever home to him/her, while it will be still included in our breeding program. 

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