The Easter Litter


Litter Information:

DOB: 04/04/2022

Size of the Litter: 10

Gender and Coat Color: 7 Males (3 B/W and 4 L/W) and 3 Females (1B/W and 2 L/W)

Sire: Spavinaw Creek N Echoviews NU Man In A Tux aka Lukan (Owned by Briarwoods

Black Spotted (Liver Factored), LUA Heterozygous. CHIC# 133697 

Dam: Am Roads Meadow Spring Atlantas aka Meadow

Liver Spotted, HUA. CHIC# 150120

Price and Agreement:

$1700 - HUA puppies plus applicable sales taxes.

$2200 - LUA puppies plus applicable sales taxes.

Divided in 2 payments, Deposit of $250 due at the time you choose your puppy and final payment of the balance due on the day of pick up. 

Payment Methods

All puppies will be subject to a spay/neuter and bring back agreement.

Puppy Contract

AKC Litter Certificate:


Breeders (Opalonyx and Briarwoods) reserve the right to the First Pick(s) of this litter. 

Everyone is welcome to come over to meet the puppies after they have become 4 weeks of age, but picking won't start until after the hearing and DNA tests have been received/completed and the breeders have chosen. 

Hypomating Pedigree

Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.29.08 PM.png

The Parents

Dam (Meadow), Liver Spotted. Sire (Lukan) Black Spotted.

IMG_7360 2.jpg
IMG_4876 2.PNG

Lukan "Sire"

Meadow "Dam"



Dewclaws Removed: 04/08/2022 - Dewclaws Information

1st Deworming: Completed on 04/18/2022

2nd Deworming: 05/02/2022

3rd Deworming: 05/16/2022

4th Deworming: 05/30/2022

First Vet Appointment: Completed on 05/11/2022

Location: Dunnellon Animal Hospital 2238 W Dunnellon Rd. Dunnellon, Fl. 34433

Microchipping: Completed on 05/15/2022

BAER Test (Hearing): Completed on 05/17/2022 @ 9:15 am 

Location: UF Small Animal Hospital 2089 SW 16th Ave. Gainesville, Fl. 32608

Second and Final Vet Appointment: Completed on 05/28/2022 @ 10 am

Location: Dunnellon Animal Hospital 2238 W Dunnellon Rd. Dunnellon, Fl. 34433

Go Home Day: on or any day after 05/30/2022

(Owner Responsibility) 2nd Set of Puppy Vaccinations Due: TBD

(Owner Responsibility) 3rd and Last Set of Puppy Vaccinations Due: TBD

Journal Entries

01/31/2022 - Meadow and Lukan mated

03/01/2022 - Pregnancy confirmed by Ultrasound - Pending 

04/04/2022 - Puppies were born. Meadow started showing symptoms in the morning and the first pup (Blue Collar was born around 9pm. The last puppy was born around 3am. 

04/08/2022 - Dewclaws removed.

04/11/2022 - Puppies are 1 week of age. Weights recorded. All gaining consistently.

04/12/2022 - DNA test for HUU gene sent to UC Davis. Results turn out is about 2 weeks from receipt.

04/18/2022 - Puppies became 2 weeks of age. Deworm medication administered and weights recorded.

04/20/2022 - Shoutout email sent to Puppy Owners.

04/25/2022 - 3 Weeks of Age. Weights recorded. Puppies outgrown the whelping box, they were changed to a bigger room. The Pink Collar has both eyes blue and Red Collar has one blue eye. Everyone else has brown eyes. 

04/26/22 - First Meal - a blend of puppy formula, kibble and Probios. 

04/29/2022 - Nails Trimmed

05/02/2022 - 4 weeks of age. Deworm Medication. Weights Recorded. Puppies continue to gain weight appropriately. We have no concerns on any. All puppies are responding to sound, so there is no bilateral deaf puppies in this litter. Unilateral hearing will be determined at the hearing test on May 17th. 

We received the LUA tests for 2 of the puppies, Lime and Purple, both carry a copy of the mutation gene, therefore are not genetically prone to form Kidney stones and crystals. Shoutout Email

05/03/2022 - DNA tests for the LUA gene were received. So far Blue, Navy, Red, Pink, Purple Lime and Orange are carriers of one copy of the gene therefore unaffected. Brown is HUA. Green and Yellow still pending.

05/09/2022 - Puppies are 5 weeks old today. Weights has been recorded, Nails trimmed one more time. During this week, the puppies will get microchipped in preparation for the hearing test, which is scheduled for next Tuesday. Green and Yellow's DNA tests still pending. During last week, the puppies were moved to the bigger playpen downstair, so they are now exposed to the rest of the adult dogs, whom are constantly checking and playing with them. Shoutout Email

05/11/2022 - First Vet appointment completed. Passed physical examination. In-home app. Nails trimmed.

05/15/2022 - Puppies got microchip and enrolled. 

05/16/2022 - 6 weeks of age. Weights recorded. Preparations for Hearing test tomorrow.

05/17/2022 - Hearing Test Completed. We have 2 puppies affected in one Ear. Yellow is deaf in the right ear with normal hearing in the left ear and Orange is deaf in the left ear with normal hearing in the right ear. CLICK HERE FOR DISCHARGE FORM. Puppies with unilateral hearing can still be great pets and are able to conduct a normal life. Learn More.

05/23/2022 - 7 weeks of age. Weights recorded, deworming completed. 

05/25/2022 - Nails trimmed. 

05/27/2022 - Vet Appointment completed. Vaccinations and Health Certificates.

Screen Shot 2022-05-30 at 12.05.48 PM.png

Meet the Puppies

L/W - Stands for Liver/White

B/W - Stands for Black/White

HUU - Hyperuricosuria

Hearing: Left Ear/Right Ear