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As a breeder, I have found myself looking into companies to transport my puppies in a few occasions, to either not avail or end up very disappointed on the services rendered. It is a hard to find good help!... Someone that is willing to feed, water and care for the dog appropriately along the way.


Most pet transport companies sub-let the jobs to independent contractors, whom not necessarily always follow the hired Company's standards and procedures, with the end of boosting sales and production. This is when the wellbeing of the dog being transported could get compromised, specially if it is a young puppy or a dog that requires special attention and/or care.


For those reasons, I have decided to put my own knowledge and experience in caring-for/raising dogs to work and adventure into offering Pet Transport Services myself, to not just my own new-puppy-owners but to also other breeders and dog-fanciers as well 

Insured | USDA Carrier Registered | TSA PreCheck Cleared | CPR & First Aid Certified by The Red Cross


Flight Nanny

*Domestic and International*

This service is only available for small dogs and puppies ( 20 lbs of weight or less and at least 8 weeks old).

Record of Vaccinations OR State Health Certificate OR International Health Certificate endorsed by the APHIS is required (as applicable, based on pet age and destination)

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